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March 17, 2021     The InterMountain News
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March 17, 2021

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PAGE 8A THE INTERMQUNTAIN NEWS 0 MARCH 17, 2021 Email katie@northstate.news PHONE Burney (530) 725-0925 Shasta Lake (530) 275-1 71 6 FAX (530) 303-1528 Deadline Friday at 4 pm. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS —————-— HEALTH/MEDICAL NAME STATEMENT NAME STATEMENT NAME STATEMENT Become 3 Published Author. We CALL 833-518-1049 FREE Brochure. (Cal-SCAN) File No. F20210229 File No. F20210231 File No. F20210227 want to Read Your'BOOkl Doriance Mention; Oxygen Users! Gain Filed 2/19/2021 Filed2/19/2021 FIIed2/19/2021 Publishing-Trusted by Authore Since freedom with a Portable Oxygen MISCELLANEOUS Expires: 2/19/2026 Expires: 2/19/2026 Expires: 2/19/2026 1920 Book IT'nanuscnpt submisstons Concentrator! No more heavy tanks The following person(s) are doing The following person(s) are doing The following person(s) are do- currently being revrewed. Compre- and refijjsj Guaranteed Lowest business as: AAAA TRUCKMOUNT business as: MAYES MEDIA 1501 ing business as: HEALTHY FOOT henslve SerVIceTs: Consultation, Pro- Forces! Ca||the Oxygen Concentrator lNVENTORS FREE lNFORMA— CARPET, TILE, UPHOLSTY; Division Street, Unit 5, Redding, CA MASSAGE 2726 Churn Creek ductlon, Promotion and Distnbutlon. Store; 1.344.553.7402 (Capscm) TION PACKAGE. Have Your Product AAAA CARPET CLEANING LLc 96001. Mailing address: po Box Road, Redding, CA 96002. Mailing Call for Your Free Author‘s Guide —_ idea developed affordany by the . . 3593 Locust Street, Cottonwood, CA 990244, Redding, CAT96099. Name address: 20740 Dream Way, Red 06 \TISSITCiAtfii/Idonan' PTemium Genetic \fiagra 900mg) or 3255:2221 fingaerlTfllfTSTTE‘Tfegos all: BOX River Mills, liltilméli‘pit‘iliiirfii’iit' il'li‘yeidl‘lzfi 13333315322? 5i“'r"e§i§o§i‘lii HTS/2123 31323 "r’a'i'lie‘zillge’ 31121312132131.1912 loo-rszazrzrorarreerdéasrarr- lAS/BRE, Inc. dba Batter Real Estate -‘ ' ' ' . ' s' Guide. Submit our ideaforafree 3593 Locust Street, Cottonwood, CA Surte 5, Redding, CA 96001. This Dream Way, Red Bluff, CA 96080. EliminateT gutter cleaning torev FREE SHIPPING Satisfaction er I . C TYSCAN Ta|k (530) 335.6131 96022. This business is conducted business is conducted by a Corpo- This business is conducted by an In- er! lT-ealFIIISTI the “10$t adVallPed Guaranteed (888) 424-4908 or Wsit: “ms” mum-l 3' ) byaLimited Liability Company. The ration. The registrant oomrnoncodto dividual. The regishant commenced debns-blockin gutter, proteotion. USAServicesOnline.com. (Cal- Th————d.fl . . . T“ . Fax (530) 336-6010 slate of incorporation is CA. The transact business under the above totransact business underlhe above SChEdUieaF EE Tl-eafFlllelesumage SCAN) erk ' eaence. "L‘MTTL‘W 3“ osmg 9 registrant commenced to transact name 2/1/2019. Signed: ngglaTnys name NIA. SignTgTeTgéT MlnTTITNanTgfi. Thisf gal 15:5 TTOTTTTT_TEnllleDPUT:gh:§- Tga/fi —— mgirgdiefigig dcgmargsnziiefiyfi B T T A L 1 business underthe above name N/A. Team, Deborah L. Mayes . is statement was in e o ce 0 NOT Ila IS U . ,, .- o ' ' Signed: AAAA Carpet Cleaning LLC, statement was filed in the office of the County Clerk of Shasta County 143554247531 ( til-SCAN) HELP WANTED :33; {2321 Sysgglifig‘fifiingsofii ruce Hoss Bader G Ic' Carol McDermott, Managing Mem- the County Clerk of Shasta County on 2/1'9/2021.‘ —— . . ,, _ ber. This statement was filed In the on 2/19/2021. Lon Wood, Deputy. Auras WANTED TemgflafiTgyflfithfiflmngT gagggmgg mgcii’glnggggimge office of the County Clerk of Shasta Aaron Joyner, Deputy. Feb. 24, March 3, 10, 17, 2021 Req_ no 332009 _01T Bumey/ you already have an audience? For Remote 26.3 acres, old “FIXER HOME,” unfinished Countyon 2719/2021. Feb. 24. March 3. 10. 17, 2021 —— DONATE YOUR CAR To KIDS Fast Mm”, Area U b / h d 1 ' - —___— . . . p to 29 hours per more Info call Cecelia @ (916) 288- at" 8 OP, an I4 mile of 1M0" W°°di Deputy- FICT'T'OUS BUSINESS Free P'ckup ‘ Running °T N°t ' 24 week, Up to 42.8 weeks per year. 6011 or cecelia@cnpa.com frontage on Bear Creek the arch 3,10,17,24,2021 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT Hour Response . Mammum Tax Do Wage Ts $1400 Apply on websne: .T —— NAME STATEMENT Frle tio- F20210192 nation — Help Find Missing Kids! Call mp5T,,wwashagmheadstamgflw The difference in winning and losing head waters of Fall River- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS F'Ie -N°' F20210155 - F'I-ed T’s/2021 1'888‘491‘1453-103'SCAN) boardl Call if you have questions at market share is how businesses use Site has Telephme service Ali/WE STATEMENT Filed 2’2’2021 EXP'PSWZOZS . ————-- (530) 2452870 for Nathan Bruce. their advertising dollars. CNPA’sAd- and no power ..... "$350,000 IIeTNo. F20210246 , E_prres.2/2/2026 _ The followmg person(s) are dorng DONATE YouR CAR, BOAT 0R (1_20t°3T10) venising Services. power to connect Filed 2/23/2021 The followmg person(s) are 'domg bustness as: OAK HAVEN FARMS. RV to receive a major tax deduc. tummy13mimonofthestate.sread_ Expires: 2/23/2026 busmess as: MOUNTAIN GATE Lot#061-410-005 Robledo Rd, Palo tion, Help homeless pets_ Local, IRs es who are an engaged audienceT Tees; bed, 2 bath homeT deckT 2 The following person(s) are doing Rv PARK AND COTTAGES 14161 Cedro, CA 96073. Mailing address: Recognized. Top Value Guaranteed. INSURANCE T business as: HOT FLASH GUN Holiday Road, Redding, CA 96003. 19572 Carnegie Drive, Redding, Free Estimate and Pickup_ LAPET. marketing solution Formoreinfo can T REFINISHING SERVICE 33026 Mailing address: PO Box 133. Eu- CA 96003. Name and address of SALIVE.ORG 1—833-772-2632 (Cal- SAVE BIGTon HOME INSURANCE! Ceoefia @ (916) 2886011 or i ' hobby shops on 2 lots over- Bateman Rd, Whitmore, CA 96096. reka, CA 95502. Name and address registrant(s) Michael Paine, 19572 SCAN) Compare 20 A-rated insurances “a@cnpa 00m |°°king a quarter ofa mi|e of Mailing address: PO Box 73 Whit- of registrant(s) 56-Mountain Gate Camegle Drive.Redding,CA96003. .————— companies. Get a quote within ' . FanRiver $325 000 more, CA 96096. Name and address RV LLC, PO Box 133, Eureka, CA This business isoonducted byan ln- DONATE YOUR CAR ORTRUCKTO minutes. Average savings of 3444/ The difference in winning and losing """""""" " ’ of registrant(s) Hot Flash, Inc. 33026 95502. This business is conducted dividual. The registrant commenced HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Free 3 year! Call 1-844-410-9509! (M-F makes our services an indispensable ‘5 car garage, and his & her Bateman Rd, Whitmore, CA 96096. by a Limited Liability Company. The to transact business under the above Day Vacation, Tax Deductible, Free Sam-8pm Central) (Cal-SCAN) grees'fpgfifinéithfh"; 135 Acres with we" and septic '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' "$80 000 This business is conducted byaCor- state of incorporation is CA. The name NIA. Signed: Michael Paine. Towing,All PaperworkTaken Care Of. ——-,— mg our deep Teiafionships in every 464 Acres on HT hwa 299T” Fa“ RTTTETMTTTS 51401000 poration. The state of incorporation registrant commenced to transact This statement was filed in the office CALL1-844-491-2884(Ca|.SCAN) INSURANCEIHEALTH g y ............ .. . community in California. Our on-the— . . ground know‘edge is indispensable Commerctal lot across from P0. In McArthur ................ ..$28,500 Lowest pn'oes on Health Insuraan To campaigns that want resume, For 9.9 acres on Fall River in the heart of Fall River Mills. Northerly AUTOS WANTED, LUXURY We have the best rates from top more info on multi-market ethnic and 1.5 acres overlooks river and balance is wetlands between the is CA. The registrant commenced to business under the above name NIA. of the County Clerk of Shasta County transact business under the above Signed: 56-Mountain Gate RV LLC- on 2/8/2021. name 2117/2021. Signed: Hot Flash, Travis Schneider Managing Member. Lori Wood, Deputy. Inc. Donald Rynd, President. This This statement was filed in the office Feb. 24, March 3, 10, 17, 2021 statement was filed in the office of of the County Clerk of Shasta County _____ WANTED! Old Porsche 356/911/912 wmpanl‘fi! 03“ NW” 1388‘989' "°"'elh“l° S°lull°ns ca" Cecelia @ blulfand river ................................................................. ..$79,000 the County Clerk of Shasta County on 2/2/2021. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS for restoration by hobbyist 1948- on 2/23/2021. Aaron Joyner, Deputy. ,NAME STATEMENT 1973 Only. Any condition. top $ 4807. (Cal-SCAN) . (916) 288-6011 or cecelia@cnpa.com —— —— WEB PAGE: baderrealestate.com Natalie Benfer, Deputy. Feb. 24, March 3, 1o, 17, 2021 File NO.F20210200 paid! PLEASE LEAVE MESSAGE MEDICAL SUPPLIES . T REAL ESTATE LOANS March 3, 10, 17, 24, 2021 Filed 2111/2021 1407-1339-5994 Email: POTSChereS' FICTITious BUSINESS Expires; 2/11/2026 toratlon@yahoo.com(CalSCAN) ATTENTION TDIABTETICSITSave mon- RETIRED COUPLE $$$$ for busi- Lassen County NAME STATEMENT The following person(s) are dOing —— eTy on your diabetic supplies! Conve- nessT purpose Real Estate loans. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS File No.F20210193 business as: BLACKBOX SOUND CABLE/SATELUTETV nienthome Shipping formonltors. lest Credit unimportant.TV.l.P. Trust Deed _ NAME STATEMENT Filed 20,2021 CDT 1567 Yuba StT ReddingT CA strips, Insulin pumps, catheters and Company www.VIploan.com Call F R r File No. 2021F018 Expires: 2/9/2026 96001. Name and address of regis- DIRECTV . Every jive Toolbar. gameT more! To learn more call now! 11955- 1818-2480000. Broker-principal New statement filing Required Due to The following person(s) are doing trant(s) David Eric Allen, 2153 Canal every Sunday . anywhere . on your 702-3403- (Cal-SCAN) DRE 01041073. N0 consumer loans. expiration current registration #2003 business as: ARRow POINT CON— Dr, Redding, CA 96001. This busi- taverns device, Restrictions apply. (Cal-SCAN) The following person(s) are doing STRUCTION 17303 Marianas Way, ness is conducted by an Individual. Ca" |VS _ 1.533.541.5762, (Cal. Thinking aboutlnstalllnganeWTShOW- business as: CATERED CARPET Cottonwood, CA 96022. Name and The registrant commenced to trans- SCAN) efiAmellcaTn Stalidaid mEKESlleaSY- RV SITE FOR RENT 35591419235 Ta-l°"°8AS$el§r? Edd'eiiiel‘ relm‘r‘isa’oé‘hw M iii“??? Rifle-“lie “file ’—“‘*— HuiEshgiséi’lofisggihiissEi‘i‘? x , usanvr e, . one on nc., , ananas . Ign : avr nc en. Is RV site in Bume T 38500 mom Name and address of registrant(s) Way, Cottonwood, CA 96022. This statement was filed in the office of DUPLEX FOR RENT 3038 Mall ‘0 See_h°w You 03" saVe $300 deposit yea”?er Includes Ha. Candglaiga OweTTIs, ézaggaigofilao- buusinesphis OTgITISUCTIed by a CTorpo- theTCISIk of Shasta County 2 bed 1 bath duplex unit in Bumey $1.000 0" insmllatlon- (Cal-SCAN) tenelectric and win be billed extra as nea t, usanvi e, . is ra'on. e s o incorpora'on is on . . . ' — ,usa eTCaTTDave 335.4374 business is conducted by an Individ- CA. The registrant commenced to Natalie Benfer, Deputy. ’9?ng “gm Portable Oxygen ConoentTrator May gang, ual. Signed: CandelarTia Owens. This transact business under the above Feb. 24, March 3, 10, 17, 2021 dual pang {windows em quaTang' “Vggwbznrflfifig statement was med m the office Of name gig/2019' S'g-ned'Anp‘iv Pom ———_'." space with the rental. No smoking, com desi n and Ton .jasfing bat. TAX SERVICES the County Clerk of LASSEN County Construction Inc., Richard Billingsley P 9 9 ' ' ' “0 PETS- 3750/m0lllhr $1900 59° tery oflnogen One. Free lnforrnatlon "9 M‘ Bus'amame’ 2&8,- ifi‘ztmtg’gfkli‘idsl‘afi‘; ANNOUNCEMENTS Deposrt $35 background check kit! Call 844-327-2824. (Cal-SCAN) ARE YOU BEHIND $10k OR MORE required. Call or text Cory 530—318- ON YOUR TAXES? Stop wage 81 www.fallrivermills.com Fe_______b‘24‘Ma'°h3'1°'17'2°21 221:,‘13333’3231, Water Damage to Your Home? Call 1291. (2-3T02-24I Life Alert. One press of a button bank levies, liens & audits, unfiled FICTITIOUS BUSINESS Feb 24 MarCh 3 10 '17 2021 f°ra qu°te f°T pT°T9551°nai Cleanup 3‘ _——_—_—_ sends help FAST, 24/7l At home and tax returns, payroll issues, resolve NAME STATEMENT maintain the Value °TY°UTh°mei set on the go. Mobile Pendant with GPS. tax debt FAST. Call 1—855-970—2032 File No. F20210212 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS 3‘” apt" may! C3“ 173554014069 FREE FirstAid Kit (with subscription.) (CalSCANI Filed 2/16/2021 NAME STATEMENT (“"50”) Expires: 2/16/2026 File No. F20210130 The following person(s) are doing Filed 1/28/2021 , T ‘ , . . . a , ‘ ‘ a 1 a “ T r ' r , businessDas: WRAP N %\CK,92&§)25 Th To" Expires: 1/28/(2())26 d , g 3 1 , i' T ’ , t T , .. Hilltop r, Redding, A 6 . e owing persons are oing T T r r A ' Name and address of registrant(s) business as: TEN BLOCK CON- 1 T , a a r T 4 Craig R. Friedman, 3440 Majestic TlNUUM 1267 Vlfillis St, Suite 200 . .' T Oak Circle, Cottonwood, CA 96022; Redding,CA96001.MaiIing address. 1 r T ~ H 7 T . lfluggleLTu Bring the Family! 4 bedroom home in Burney with a shop and car- port. Home has been renovated with new flooring and carpet. Nice . Erin E. Friedman 3440 Majestic Oak PO Box 1723, Blue Jay, CA 92317. private backyard great for a family to enjoy .................... ..S l 75,000 Circle, Cottonwood, CA 96022. This Name and address of registrant(s) business is conducted by a Trust. Ten Block LLC, 1267 Vlfillis St, Suite The registrant commenced to trans- 200, Redding, CA 96001. This busi- act business under the above name ness is conducted by aLimited Liabil- 11/1/1997. Signed: Craig R. Fried- ity Company. The state of incorpora- man Trustee of the Friedman Family tion is CA. The registrant commenced Tmst. This statement was filed in the to transact business under the above office of the County Clerk of Shasta name 1/16/2021. Signed: Ten Block County on 2/16/2021. LLC, Mariana Dawson Managing Aaron Joyner, Deputy. Member This statement was filed Feb. 24, March 3, 10, 17, 2021 in the office of the County Clerk of — Shasta County on 1723/2021. Aaron Joyner, Deputy. Feb. 24, March 3, 10, 17, 2021 NOTICE OF BULK SALE (UCC SECS. 6101-6107) all ltlves. l Notice is hereby given to the Creditors of JYOtSRa Is. I II; II; II I 4bedroomhomeisFallRiverMills.Cutehomewithinwalk— Patel and Mahendra N. Patel, Sellers, whose business I I I I I I I I I I ing distance to stores, Fall River and Fall River Lake. Nice address is 13719 Hill Blvd., Shasta Lake, Ca. 96089, = " : ::' :r g: : kitchen with tile countertops ............................ ..$r49.000 County of Shasta, that a bulk sale is about to, be made I I I E I we; I I _ to Jatinder Kaur and ' Han/inder Pal Singh, Buyer, who I I II 7 I I I I I I The world IS 70% "all". we lake care 01 the lanll! business address is 2369 Hope Lane, redding, CA 96003, County of Shasta. 43123 Highway 299 Fall Itiver Mills The location of the property to be transferred is 13719 Hill Blvd., Shasta Lake, CA 96089, Shasta County, Ca. Said property is described in general as: All inven- tory, Goodwill, Fixtures and Equipment and Beer and Wine Liquor License of that certain business known as DRIVE IN MARKET. So far as is known to the buyer, the seller has not used any business name or address other than the above during the last three years past, except: NONE 8: NURSERY Fully Stocked Nursery - Building Supplies Lumber Sporting Goods Housewares Garden Supplies &Tools 43185 Hwy 299 0 Fall River Mills 336-5583 The bulk sale is to be consummated on or after March 31, 2021. This bulk sale is subject to Section 6106.2 of the Uni- form Commercial Code of the State of California. Claims may be filed at CAL-SIERRA TITLE COMPANY, 295 MAIN STREET, QUINCY, CA 95971 on or before March 30, 2021, which is the business day before the sale date specified above. (530) 336-541 Drop-off location for The News AIIThelntermountalnAm' Lint/843355 Residential 81 Commercial New Construction 81 Remodels Water Heaters: Gas, Electric 81 Tankless 81 Repairs Dated: February 25, 2021 (s) JATINDER KAUR (s) HARVINDER PAL SINGH (Publish 3-17, 2021) Heather Salkl Health Insurance rvlces Medicare Lth Disablfity Health Singlet/cs Scissors Workers Commotion 530.804.0549 The News is a Shasta County legal notice publication and now accepts legal notices for Lassen & Plumas Counties “mg EEEEBE BEBE warmed-mom cassava TT BEEEIIEH BEBE umm-mmeyhémm HUUEEEIIIBE . , .- Elfin I! EEEEEEEEE Inter-mountain Insurance DJ. MARTlNAPPRAISALS 1530I722-6364 John Pineda, Owner ill ERIE! flu nun a .. 1 Serving Shasta, Lassen & Modoc Counties EEEEEE . : semces’ 1““ DONALD J. MARTIN BEE BEE in ta 9; bit 'Califomia Certified General Real Estate Appraiser License #A6002968 email - djmartinappraisals@shasta.com ' CARL A. MARTIN I Califomia Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser Elfin EDI! E330 I BE EEEEEE EHO BEE Elan!!! EIEIIEIE ‘ man T fl Tools - Plumbing - Hardware Electrical - Paint - Lawn & Garden BEBE BEER? 5! EEE HHS EDIE IE 5 E E E I I n IIEE I E H B I a I I I 5 fl T, T , , ' ,, " email-carlmartinappraisals@frontier.com ' ‘ T. ,1 r) .T N; ‘ “Elma Emma film “W5 .TT, T T Old BickelPlaCe-FallRiverMills,CA96028 ’ i LQ‘ “Nb TT dmnTmmaTsen manna fiflflflnundanmdnmnoauuau sauna EEEEEIE mannmu manna annunan enunan (530) 336-5225 - Fax (530) 336-5226